Friday, 14 August 2015

Why Do Sexism and Racism Still Exist?

Unfortunately, it's true.


You can go ahead and say it's better than it was. But that doesn't change that, to this very day, people are still being killed because of the colour of their skin.

If a white person had been murdered by police brutality it would be a really big deal to everyone. And it should be a big deal, now. It shouldn't matter the colour of someone's skin. Racism shouldn't exist. People are all people.

(This still makes be angry. Ferguson was over a year ago now. But still there has been no justice. But as a white person, my voice is no where near as important as POC, who go through this oppression. Reverse racism is not a thing. We weren't slaves, we weren't deemed less important by other people.)


Women still don't get paid as much as men. Especially WOC. For working just as hard and doing same jobs as men.

Getting catcalled isn't endearing either. It's rude.
Women don't exist to please men. And women aren't weaker than men either. And why gender or sex has anything to do with how equal people are treated is beyond me.

"Women in other countries are more oppressed." Yes they are and it needs to stop. Young girls shouldn't be forced to marry men twice or more their age.

(Like I said, my voice can only go so far in this fight. But it is important that people stand up against things they know are wrong.)

RIP to all those who wont get to see the day you will receive justice. We wont let them get away with this.

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